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Pre-kid Program (Pre-kid)

About the curriculum (From 2-5 years of age)

The preschool English Curriculum provides a solid foundation, a safe, caring, fun and engaging learning environment for very young learners ages 2-5 as part of their preparatory and kindergarten years through the use of a play-based curriculum with concepts taken from the Montessori Approach, Thematic Learning of lessons and Total Physical Response (TPR) in teaching language learning.


Learning Objective

  • Embed language learning in a play-based curriculum and environment;
  • Encourage the promotion of practical life and sensorial skills to kids;
  • Provide a fun and meaningful learning experience to kids through a variety of lessons in English especially phonics.
Pre-kid Program
Tuition Fee & Duration
Level Term Semester Term 100 hours Semester 200 hours
Pre-kid 1 to Pre-kid 4 335$ 670$

*Other fees may apply.