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Chungeang Tiv

Chungeang Tiv is the Head of CSL.

Mr. Tiv has been in the field of Chinese language teaching since 2012, and has started his journey with our management team since 2016. Mr. Tiv first started as the Coordinator of CSL Department. Having had abundant experiences within the field of Chinese Language Teaching, Mr. Tiv makes the best candidate for the position. In addition, following his outstanding performance and his commitment to improvement of himself and the team, Mr. Tiv was soon promoted to be the Head of CSL.

As Head of CSL, he believes that learning language such as Chinese requires more than just the conventional writing and repetitive drills which have been so far the only way many Cambodians including himself was taught back in the day. There is no one size that can fit all, which is why it is Mr. Tiv’s mission to make sure that our curriculum is customized to meet Individual student need for development and to maximize each student’s unique ability.