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Sochna Noeu

Sochna Noeu has most recently been a Deputy Campus Director in the Aii Language Center, Chak Angre Campus, one of the leading and innovative educational systems in Cambodia with its main focus on quality, discipline and services. She is responsible for overseeing head teachers, academic affairs, quality control and setting the school values, creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for staff and students. She also sets the right conditions for students and staff to achieve their best.

Sochna Noeu received her certificate of TESOL, AYC Thailand in 2015 and her BEd in Education from Institute of Foreign Languages in 2006. She also received many certificates of short courses, training program and educational workshop.

She has been working as an educator for almost 15 years. She started her career as a part-time ESL teacher at the Aii Language Center in 2006. On account of her qualification, performance, dedication, commitment and diligence, she was promoted to be a full-time teacher in 2007, an AAC (Assistant Academic Coordinator) in 2007, a head teacher in 2009 and a vice chancellor in 2015.