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Events & Contests

Aii Language Center holds various events throughout the year for students and staff. Students and teachers take lead in organizing school events. It is a great opporunity to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last forever. From the Halloween Haunted House (fundraising event) to our annual Spelling Bee Contest, students, teachers and the Academic Team work in unison to bring everyone together.

February 07 2024Aii MTT

New Student Orientation

The new student orientation is an important meeting. It prepares students for the new learning environment, culture, and expectations. This will create an environment where anxiety will be reduced, thus enriching positive attitudes and...

January 12 2024Aii MTT

level 12 Student Learning Conference

The Level 12 Student Learning Conference offers students the chance to speak in front of an audience while providing a practical environment to develop thorough presentation abilities. A swift paradigm shift improved students’...