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Events & Contests

Aii Language Center holds various events throughout the year for students and staff. Students and teachers take lead in organizing school events. It is a great opporunity to learn cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills while making memories that will last forever. From the Halloween Haunted House (fundraising event) to our annual Spelling Bee Contest, students, teachers and the Academic Team work in unison to bring everyone together.

August 21 2021Event

Pre-kid 4 Recognition Day

Hats off to Pre-kid 4 graduates! With their hard work and perseverance, You deserve a warm, thoughtful words of recognition. You’ll always remember this day and so will all of us who were here cheering you on. May you always have new...

February 23 2021Event

Level 12 Student Learning Conference

Do you doubt yourself? I suggest you continue reading this.. “The Level 12 Student Learning Conference was a great learning experience for me since I am a reserved person and this weighed me down. I thought I couldn’t make...

February 21 2021Event

Level 8 Basic Presentation

Breaking Comfort Zones The Level 8 students who dressed to impress, presented their topics for the Level 8 Basic Presentation for Term 68. A presentation that taught them time management, self-discipline and confidence. They embraced...

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